The Agate is distinct from other forms of gemstones and is one of the widest source of colours chalcedony. Agate occurs in a variety of forms Agate has many colors. Agatementioned in the Bible as being one of the stones of fire given to Moses and set in the breastplate of Aaron. A variety of agate, sardonyx is one of the twelve gemstones set in the foundations of the city walls of Jerusalem. Agate was especially valued during medieval times when one of the more outlandish uses was to bind an agate to each horn of an ox to ensure a good harvest. The danger here is that your agated beasts of burden may then become invisible and a little hard to find. Agate  is believed to cure insomnia, offer protection from bad dreams, ensure pleasant dreams, protect against danger and promote strength and healing. The most famous of the european Agate mines where in Germany in Idar-oberstein these mines have now been worked out but can be chased back as far 16th century. The most important depsoits today are Brazil, and Uruguay as well as depsoits in Austrlia, China, India, Madagascar, Mexico, Mongolia, Namibia, United states as well as small depsoits being found around the world. There are many varieties of agates. These are named according to their appearance. It has a mohls scale hardness of 6.5-7 and a refractive index of 1.530-1.540

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