“Gemstones for Sale!”

You’ve Been to the Website You’ve Seen The Advert: But How Do You Buy Gems For Sale Online Safely?

 Gemstones For Sale

Do you want to buy loose gems as a gift? Perhaps you want to start your own gem business? Whatever you want, buying gems from the internet can feel like a risk. This two part guide has been specially written, to not only guide you on how to buy gemstones for sale on the internet, but how to be safe doing it and make a profit!

Why Buy Loose Gems On The Internet?

A decade ago, after the dot-com boom went quiet, the media declared that internet business was dead. Ten years later, amidst the worst financial recession since 1930, the internet gem trade is booming again with more precious gemstones and jewelry being sold online than ever before. Why?

If you buy gems from a high street dealer you are buying gems from a shop, and they will have to sell gems at twice their original purchase price to cover the costs. But, when you buy loose gems for sale online, you are buying direct from the source of production. Therefore the gems you buy online are often half the price of the high street.

Another huge advantage, is the present downward economy, which has turned the market into a ‘Buyer’s’ paradise. Today, if an online gem dealer wants to survive he has to have a fast turnover of stock; therefore as an online client you can pick up amazing bargains for even less.

Purchase loose gems for sale online! You’ll get the cheapest prices and already have made a significant profit without doing a thing.

Buying gems for Sale Online

OK, so you’ve decided to buy loose gems online. You’ve found a website, you like the look of the precious gems for sale, but most of all you like the great prices.

The next question is: “Can I trust them?” Of course, trust takes time to establish but if you follow our guide you’ll be able to get the ball rolling, and feel safe enough to make the initial ‘test’ purchase.

Background Checks...

The first thing to do is to check the website’s integrity. The real, trustworthy gem and jewelry dealer is easy to recognize. Why? Because proof of their successful gem transactions are all over the internet in the form of feedback on third party websites!

The first and possibly best third party websites indicating a gem dealer’s reputation are the auction sites. Nearly every reputable gem dealer has an auction account on eBay. So let’s start by going to eBay’s search function and enter the website’s name. Remember, you enter the name of the website without the dot com and all as one word like this: grandgemstones.

As an example, let’s first suppose you have chosen to buy gems for sale from gems website; and you have now successfully found the grandgemstones eBay account. To be 100% certain that it is the same company, look at the details page of Grand gems eBay account, and match that with the details on the website.

The next step is to examine the feedback from their clients. Look at the Grand gems positive feedback page on eBay. If you see that the seller’s eBay account has existed for several years, has feedback with thousands of positive comments and awards like gems has, you know you are in safe hands and can continue to making a ‘test’ gem deal.

You can never be too careful, so if you want more details you can investigate further by looking up their company details using the website www.whois.com. This website will give you all the details you need to know about ownership of the domain and contact details. Again, you can cross reference this with the information you already have.

If you want to find out more about the past history of the website and its creation you can go to the internet archive: www.archive.org. Enter the URL of the website into the ‘Way Back Machine’. This is a truly great resource which is like a time machine and can give you complete information about how old the website is: it even lets you look at what the site was like before.