Grand Gemstones Online Gem And Jewelry Store: Company Information

Grand Gemstones is a company motivated by a common goal: To provide its clients with the very best product and service above and beyond all their expectations. The company's mission statement is to share and make available it's wealth of gem expertise to its clients, taking care to both educate and at the same time ensuring their client's safety throughout their buying experience. Grand Gemstones pledges to give its clients the very best online buying experience: Offering 100% genuine goods at prices that other on-line gem and jewelry stores can only aspire to.

Grand Gemstones: Cuts Out The Middlemen!

Sapphire and Ruby gemstones, starting their life on the skilled cutting tables of Chanthaburi, will ultimately end up in the high-street boutiques of Europe and America. On their way west these gemstones will be pushed up in price by as much as 10 to 15 times more as they pass through the hands of buyers called middlemen. In effect, when you buy direct from Grand Gemstones and our Chanthaburi based business, you are bypassing these middlemen, getting premier quality gemstones "Hot off the press" at less than their cost price in the west, and making some incredible savings!

Grand Gemstones: Top Service From Begining To End

At Grand Gemstones we believe that one of the principal concerns in running a winning business is customer care and service. As soon as a client clicks onto Grand Gemstones pages they are in the more than capable hands of a support department devoted to their every requirement: people who will be there for the client every step of the way throughout the entire buying process and beyond. If for whatever reason a client of Grand Gemstones is unhappy with their purchase the may return their items within a 30 day period and get a 100% refund! Moreover, if a client wishes to have their gems re-cut, our team of in-house dedicated craftsmen and women can cut the gemstones to the customers specifications.